Mine Solutions has a number of products available for download and use in Surpac. These products aim to improve user efficiency by providing a process for many manual tasks undertaken by mining professionals in the software. The products also enhance and provide new tools to be used within the Surpac framework. Select the individual products below for specific information on that product.


EzyRings is a software extension for the Surpac mine design system to assist with underground ring design. EzyRings builds on ...


Mine Survey Office (MSO)

Mine Survey Office (MSO) is an application to seamlessly upload and download information from Leica Geosystems survey equipment to Surpac. The ...



PonFarr provides a controlled data exchange between Surpac and Vulcan. Although the data plugins available in Surpac allow Vulcan design ...


System Tools

System Tools is collection of visual editors that allow the everyday Surpac user to leverage tricks usually restricted to the ...



Decline is a three dimensional design tool that allows mining engineers to quickly and easily design a decline path. The ...



FlexiSurv is a suite of programs developed to work in the Surpac framework for underground surveyors. The programs have been ...



vComp through its Mine Solutions extension products for Surpac along with consulting and training has many clients both large and small spread throughout Australia and across the globe.

More Information

Will Mine Solutions products affect Surpac?

Mine Solutions products come packaged in a professional installer that is run on your local computer. The installer will create a new directory to place the mine solutions files into. The installer will also insert a toolbar into Surpac and add a generic mine Solutions menu item onto the Surpac Applications menu. Depending on the product the installer may also add a profile under the Surpac profiles directory. None of this affects the normal workings of Surpac.

What about User Support

Mine Solutions through vComp offers user support by Telephone, email, and can also remote login to your computer using the Team Viewer system. Support queries are endeavoured to be resolved within 24 hours.

What about Product Maintenance

Some products are offered free of charge. Other products have a once of purchase price with the possibility of future upgrades sold at a nominal fee. The major products that are continually developed attract an annual software support and maintenance fee. This provides for user support and access to products upgrades.

What about Taxes

The prices listed on the site are in Australian dollars. Prices do not include any GST, VAT, withholding, or other applicable taxes that may be payable. These taxes are in addition to prices listed.

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